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From Pittsburgh to the spotlight, Carl Radke has made waves in entertainment, transitioning from modeling to a pivotal role in “Summer House” since 2017. Beyond the camera, Carl’s journey toward sobriety, which began on January 8, 2021, resonates with many. He champions mental health, seamlessly weaving meditation, therapy, and fitness into the fabric of his life. Candid about his battles, Carl seeks to inspire and shift the conversation around addiction and mental wellness, echoing influential voices in society.

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In remembrance of Curtis Radke, this space honors a life lived with passion, love, and a genuine kindness that deeply touched all who knew him. Curtis, celebrated for his talent in baseball and his artistic touch in gardening, also shared a profound love for music. Above all, his devotion to his children shone brightest, reflecting the depth of his caring nature. Though his journey was met with challenges, his spirit remains a beacon of resilience and hope. Here, we honor Curtis by fostering a community of support and understanding, embodying the compassion and strength he exemplified, and guiding others along their path to healing and personal growth.

Carl Radke

Reality Star, Sobriety Advocate, Motivational Force

Carl Radke, known for his standout role on Bravo’s “Summer House,” is not just a reality TV star—he’s an agent of change. With a vibrant career and a strong social media presence, Carl has not only entertained but also inspired. Join us as we explore Carl’s inspiring stride toward personal wellness, his commitment to supporting others on similar paths, and the resources he’s championing to foster sobriety and well-being.


``In embracing sobriety, I found not just my own strength, but the power to lift others on their path to wellness.`` - Carl Radke


- Sobriety Journey

Carl embraced sobriety on January 8, 2021, marking a pivotal turn in his life and becoming an inspiration for those on a similar path.

- Upcoming Projects

Carl is involved in projects that blend his passion for entertainment with his commitment to sobriety, aiming to raise awareness and encourage open dialogues on mental health and addiction.

- Charitable Work

Carl is actively involved with mental health and addiction recovery organizations, dedicating his time and resources to support and advocate for those in need.

- Public Speaking

Leveraging his popularity and experiences, Carl speaks publicly about his journey, hoping to destigmatize addiction recovery and inspire others with his story of resilience and renewal.

- Mindfulness Advocate

Carl practices mindfulness and meditation, advocating for their benefits in managing stress and maintaining mental clarity, crucial components of his sobriety journey.

- Fitness Enthusiast

A firm believer in the benefits of physical well-being, Carl incorporates regular fitness routines into his lifestyle, promoting holistic health as part of the recovery process.


Carl Radke Shares His Mental Health Journey After The Loss Of His Brother

On this week’s episode of Bravo’s “Summer House,” we learn that Carl Radke’s brother Curtis passed away after a long